Wednesday, April 30, 2008

huge brass pin

I found this huge brass pin in shopping bazaar call "Klong Tomm" in Bangkok, Thailand. I brought it without thinking what to do with it but I'am sure that this one will be very eye-catching.

I combined some felts and knitting decorations, it looks perfect!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Japanese craft book

Japanese craft book is so amazing.
here is some inspiration of handmade notebook. I bring these photo from Handmade notebook is what I want to make next.If I have finish the job I will post the photo of it.

my handmade items

Now i do love craft. I 'm looking forword to have some freetime for doing craft. Here is some craft i made. Felt is my favorite material. Why I love felt? Felt is so soft and easy to crate free style shape.

When I start to make felt craft, I 'm not sure what is the end up item. Sometime I try to make a felt bag, then I end up with felt basket. I love the way I designing and making the item at the same time.

introduce myself

I 'm freelance graphic designer from Thailand.Using too much computer cause an headache. When I get too stress making graphic design, I work on my favorite hobby "crafting". I made my own bag, accessories and others stuffs. Then I found that too much handmade stuffs in my room so I open the shop here.

You also find my works at Female, Born on August 26