Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grow your jewery


Do you live in Urban area?
Do you live in condominium?
Do you spend most of you life in you office?
Do you really need natural touch immediately?

Here is you answer.
Moss jewelry
Watering on to keep it alive!
Good ring will help you love seeing yourself typing on keyboard and you will make another step closer to nature.

handmade wonderland

crochet monster mp3 case
felt pin
felt cuff
crochet cuff
felt pin
crochet cuff

To all crafters, I hope my works will inspire you in some way.
I take most of my spare time making craft!
I have many many bags, then I have nothing to be contained in the bag.
I have so many many cuffs and I have only 2 hands to wear it.
Give to someone or selling on Etsy is my only way to clear out my little handmade factory.

here are samples of my works!

nanami animation

Soooo cute ..............
This anime will give you big smile.

I'm now 25 years old. I still love watching Japanese anime. This anime clip is one of my favorite.
Nanami is tree spirit, she stay with one lovely family on the huge tree house.